Statement from the Session of
St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church,
Fergus, Ontario

The elders (The Session) of St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, Fergus, make the following statement:

The town of Fergus was started by a group of Freed Slaves led by Richard Pierpoint, who was born in Senegal. Pierpoint had served with Butler’s Rangers and received a land grant in Garafraxa Township in what is now the eastern part of Fergus. This piece of our history we frequently forget.

We weep over the killing of George Floyd and Armaud Arbery, whose names join a long list of Black men and boys who have been killed.

We weep over the harassment and disrespect, questioning and abuse, with which Black women and men are treated by various persons, including those in authority.

We confess that our implicit biases have inadvertently inflicted injury and demonstrated a lack of respect for and prejudice against people of color.

We affirm that all people are made in the image of God. Further, we affirm that all people should be treated with respect and care regardless of their race.

We commit ourselves to active listening and collaborative learning from people of color, and in particular the Black community, sharing in their experiences and their shared impact on our communities.

We pledge ourselves to hold both ourselves and others accountable for words and actions that demean and disrespect people of colour.

O Lord God, hear our prayer. O Christ, give us your eyes so we might see and give us your heart that we might love. O Holy Spirit, blow the wind through us that we might be changed. Amen.