HEARTS Christmas Gift Giving Program

Give gifts in their name to help Haitian children. Lape Bondye avek ou. (The peace of God be with you.) Instead of giving gifts that will soon be forgotten, honour your friends and loved ones by giving items that will help Haitian students.



$150 - Tuition for 2 students for the school year.

$100 - Teacher’s salary for a month

$75 - Tuition for 1 student for the school year.

$50 - One-time gift will provide a student with school tuition and a nutritious meal for a month.

$45 - Nutritious meal for 1 student each week for the school year.



Your tax-deductible gift will make a lasting difference in the lives of Haitian children who live in the poorest country in the Western hemisphere. Right now there is not enough food, clothing and money to purchase necessities let alone send children to school. Thousands are suffering. We, as Canadians, must wonder why the Government of Haiti is not doing something to solve these problems. Unfortunately, the government is bankrupt and dependant upon international aid. Problems like hunger and education, while important, are not the major focus. The future of Haiti depends upon our investment in this new generation of youth. The gifts you give will bring peace and joy to your friends and family. As you bless Haitian children, we pray that you also will be blessed.


A Gift Card will be provided. Please contact the church office to participate.

In exceptional cases, where donations exceed what is needed for a particular item, H.E.A.R.T.S will redirect funds to a similar item to help Haitian children in need.