Haitians Educated and Ready to Serve


H.E.A.R.T.S. supports Cap-Haitien and the surrounding community through financial aid.  

Funding is sent each semester to support education and food programs at four different schools.


Missions Statement: 

To educate, feed and spiritually nurture the children of Haiti through the power of the Holy Spirit.




Supported Schools in 2020

FAITH SCHOOL – Pastor Bruno Cherenfant

  • Located in Madeleine - 6 km from Cap Haitien
  • Started funding in 2007 for teachers’ salaries, and occasional food program
  • Jr K - Grade 6 enrollment in 2020 is 112 students


NEW LIFE SCHOOL – Pastor Job Vilma

  • Located in the high hills above Grison Garde - approximately 15 km from Cap Haitien
  • Started funding in 2008 for teachers’ salaries, school supplies, and occasional food program
  • Jr K - Grade 6 enrollment in 2020 is 80 students



  • Located in Madeleine, approximately 3 km from Cap Haitien
  • Started funding  in 2011 for teachers’ salaries,  and the occasional food program
  • Jr K – Grade 11 enrollment in 2020 is 1087 students



  • Located near Baron – a 3 hour walk up a mountain, approximately  30 km South-East of Cap Haitien
  • Started permanent  funding in 2016 for teachers’ salaries as well as a food program in 2017
  • Jr K – Grade 9 enrollment in 2020 is 126 students


A Brief History of H.E.A.R.T.S.

  • Late 80’s: Initially called the “Pipeline of Hope” sent food, clothing and pharmaceuticals
  • Mid 90’s: Brought on a mandate change and focused on funding Eben-Ezer School and feeding children in the community surrounding  the church located in Fougerolle, just outside of Cap Haitien
  • 2003: Orphanage (Stella House) opened in Fougerolle, built by the Joy and Hope of Haiti (Hamilton, ON).  HEARTS partnered with Joy and Hope to feed the children at the orphanage
  • 2007: Faith School in Madelaine opened with the support of HEARTS
  • 2008: New Life School near Grison Garde opened with the support of HEARTS
  • 2011: Heavenly Brightness School in Madelaine opened with the support of HEARTS
  • 2015: Joy and Hope withdrew their support of Stella House to focus on the building and support of schools in the Cap Haitien area.  HEARTS also withdrew their support because the orphanage was no longer viable as a facility to care for the children in its care
  • 2016: HEARTS withdrew its support of Eben-Ezer School in Fougerolle, as the school administrators failed to provide the required accountability for the monies provided by HEARTS
  • 2016: Ebenezer-On-The-Mountain School near Baron started to receive support from HEARTS


Why Haiti?

  • Haiti has the lowest standard of living of any country in the Western Hemisphere due to decades of political and economic instability
  • The national poverty rate is 58%
  • Approximately half the population practices a form of vodou
  • There is an overall lack of clean water, sanitation, access to education and infrastructure, especially in rural areas
  • The government provides very little funding for education, therefor 80% of primary children are educated through privately managed schools
  • Since the mid-90’s primary enrollment has increased from 47% to 88% and the country’s literacy rate has increased from approximately 50% to 60.7%
  • 2010 earthquake magnified many of these existing problems, and set Haiti back in areas of development


2019 Funding Summary 

  • A total of approximately $56,000 CAD was sent, over the course of the school year, to the 4 schools (total amount is subject to US dollar exchange rate)
  • This amount includes funding for: teacher salaries, teacher training, school food programs, scholarship program, and Administration/Accounting in Haiti

How You Can Help:

  • Support H.E.A.R.T.S. through your weekly or monthly donations
  • Hot Dog Sundays at St. Andrew’s Church (typically first Sunday of the month)
  • Participate in the annual 5K Run/Walk to raise funds (October)
  • Spring Bling Thing - a once-loved jewellery and accessory sale (March)
  • Christmas Gift Giving Program
  • Give a special occasion gift to honour friends and family for tuition and nutritious meals for a student


H.E.A.R.T.S. appreciates all the support it receives from the congregation 

of St. Andrew’s and the community at large in its funding efforts.